Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mikasa Review

Someone from Mikasa contacted me and offered to send me this beautiful set of Grace dinnerware for a product review! Oh man...that's like offering drugs to an addict, how could I possibly say no!  In my mind you can never have too many dishes and I happen to love Mikasa! Blogging certainly does have some good perks!

I love the design on these dishes and although the background color wouldn't have drawn me in while I was shopping I was surprised at how much I loved it on my table.  The color is a little off on my photos. We've had so many dark, gloomy days that it was hard to get a decent photo! The color is very neutral and it would work well with almost any color of placemats or tablecloth!

They also sent me these beautiful Avenue wine glasses!  I love the design and how the cuts catch the light!

I love that these dishes could be more formal or casual based on your table decor. Very versatile!

I think this set makes a very elegant table!

You can check out more beautiful tableware on the Mikasa website.  Also...if you love solid white dishes, they have some really beautiful ones! I  especially love the pattern called Antique White!  I want those! LOL!


Susie Q said...

Very lovely and I agree that it does seem to be very versatile.

Anonymous said...


Debbie H said...

Love the China and glasses

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I hope that you keep the dishes and crystal.

Elsie said...

Cindy those are beautiful. They look so elegant on your table.
I love the white ones too. The crystal is beautiful also. You
lucky gal.

Curtis said...

Very pretty, love the stem ware, I agree I would have not looked twice at these because of the background color but once they are on a table and it is set they are beautiful!!!!
Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie
P.S. did they send you a service for 4 or 8 =)

A Perfect Setting said...

Gorgeous! That pattern is so beautiful and elegant! I just love it, and those stems are to die for, Mikasa send them to me, please!!!

Marlis said...

I love these dishes and you showed them off at their best. I can see this in so many tables from romantic to very modern.

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