Monday, July 21, 2008

$500 Shopping Spree ~ A Dream Come True!

Have you ever had a daydream about someone offering you $500 to spend on a shopping spree?Well, I received an email awhile back saying that JCPenney and BlogHer were offering me $500 to go shopping for a new JCPenney line called Linden Street and all I had to do was write a review! Wow! I was doing the Happy Dance! Who wouldn't want $500 to shop for home decor items? So off to the mall I went and here's what I bought...
These goblets are my favorite! I've been looking for something like this and I was so excited when I saw them. They have a classic style that can be used for either a casual or more formal table setting. (you can click on the photos to enlarge)
I love the detail on the stem and the ridges on the top! The lip is thin (which I love) but not too thin that you're always worried your going to break it. I really love these goblets! I bought 6 and I think I'm going back to buy 2 more (on my own dime).

Below is their cake plate. I really like the classic clean lines and it's large! I would use this not only for cake or cupcakes but it would be great to serve appetizers, cheese and crackers, fruit, or cookies. I think this is a very versatile piece.
The Linden Street line includes a lot of interesting lamps. I chose this floor lamp which would work well next to a chair, sofa or even as a reading light by a bed which is where I chose to place it.
It comes in a box with some assembly required. When I first opened this box I was a little worried but it went together very quickly because the power cord runs through each piece so it's just a matter of twisting each piece tools needed.

I was really happy with the weight of this piece; the base is very heavy so you don't have to worry about it tipping over. The finish on it is also very nice. The arm of the lamp is adjustable and the lamp can swing out of the way if needed. I really like the vintage look of it! Lauren loves that she now has a great reading light next to her bed!
This is one of their wall decor items. It's made to look like old crown moulding. They are made out of resin but are very heavy. The retail price on these is $100 for the pair which I thought was really high since they are only a little over a foot long but they were on sale for 1/2 price which was much more reasonable. They come with screws and hanging directions but I think these would look great in a bookcase just leaning against the back.

Here are two finials that I love. The black metal one is very heavy and it actually looks like it could be an old finial you find at an antique store. I really love this bird! They also have a lamp with this bird on it. It has a nice distressed white finish.
I also love this Linden Street basket. It could be used in a bathroom to hold towels or in a family room to hold magazines. It holds A LOT of magazine! Which is great because I have tons of magazines!
Although I love their decor items, the 300 thread count sheets felt a little thin to me. The sheets come in a set with a fitted & flat sheet and two pillowcases. They also sell extra pillowcases, which is great because most people do have more than two pillows! I was really happy to see that! I put the sheets on Lauren's bed and she said they are very comfortable and soft. The sheets are sitting on top of a cotton blanket; it’s the perfect weight for summer. It was very soft and came in nice colors. Below is another home decor item. It's a really heavy hurricane candle holder. It's made out of a thick bubbly glass. I think this would be perfect to take out on the patio; the glass would keep the wind from blowing out the candle. I added some sand, shells and a candle which is how they showed it displayed on their website.

For the price their towels seem like a good value. I would say they are about a medium weight towel. I usually buy really thick towels but I've noticed that they take forever to dry in the dryer so maybe thinner towels would be better in that respect. They are extremely soft! They are sitting on top of a bath rug which is very plush and soft. It comes in a choice of 8 different colors! The towels, the rug and blanket are all getting shipped off to my son in college. He was thrilled when I told him about them!
When I was at the JCPenney store I also looked at the Linden Street furniture and was pleasantly surprised with the design and quality. I hadn't been in a JCPenney store for years and I was impressed with all their furniture. My shopping experience was very favorable. Each department was well staffed with very helpful employees.

Click here to visit the JCPenney website or here to go directly to their Linden Street Collection. If you would like more info about BlogHer, click here.
Thank you JCPenney and BlogHer for this great opportunity!


Anonymous said...

wow this is wonderful! Look at all the goodies you bought. I love them. The plate is beautiful too and the lamp!!
Now how did you get into this? I've heard of something like this before and would be very interested. Enjoy your goodies.

cheapdiva said...

How fun! I think you are going to find yourself looking at other great opportunities before this year ends. I am THRILLED for you!

And what a great idea for JCP to use "real" people to check out a new line. I love it when someone I know recommends quality items (without big price tags). I'll be checking out those towels soon . . . let us know how they hold up (a college age son is the perfect tester!)


Tracie~MPMaison said...

Hi Cindy~
How fun to get to go shopping on someone else's tab. I haven't been in a JC Penney store for years and years. You found some nice things that fit in nice with your decor. I think my favorite is the lamp, who doesn't need a great reading lamp?

Liz said...

Hi Cindy,
Just popping over from My Romantic Home. Lovely items! Over all, for retail, I thought you got a lot for $500 bucks. I do shop at JCP fairly often and like some of the lines. I don't like the central check out stations that they have now and there is rarely anybody walking the floor for customer help. Thats my only complaint though. Great review! I will go check them out!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I've noticed a lot of ads for the Linden Street line, so it is nice to read some IRL impressions of some of the items. Love that cake platter!!

~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful opportunity for you, Cindy!! I LOVE everything you got - I'm going to have to head over to the local JCP and check it out! For some reason, we only shop in their jewelry, shoes, and clothing sections. I've never even thought of home decor. I really need to see that bird lamp - the finial is beautiful! And I can see why they are using your photograph of the bubble glass hurricane lamp - just beautiful!! (And I love the bubble effect!)...Donna

Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun! Getting to spend $500 and you didn't even have to work long hard hours for it. Way to go!

You got some great things. Although, I wonderf if we will see some of them painted white soon.

I love how your little star fish shows up in so many of your photos. What a great prop!


Lady Pamela said...

You did a wonderful job, Cindy. Congratulations on you gift certificate. I think you did so very well with how much you got for the money. I am going to check out their site right away.

Pink Slippers said...

That basket is to die for. I love it.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Congrats on the spree Cindy! You got some very nice things. I think my favorite is the basket!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Congratulations Cindy on your great finds at JC Pennys. That had to be exciting. It is so much fun to spend money that is given to you. You did good on your choices.

Bettsi said...

Cindy, How cool is this! Good for you and thanks for such well thought out reviews. I'm already a JCPenney fan, but now I must go check out this line!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful opportunity. I love the things you bought. Especially the goblets.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I love all of the things you bought Cindy! What a wonderful opportunity! You are so lucky and your deserve everything that has been happening!


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

WOW! That is SO exciting, I think it's great how you have had a wonderful year.How long did it take you to spend the $500.00?
Take care,

Marianne said...

Wow Cindy, what a wonderful oportunity! I bet you felt like a kid in a toystore. I love the lamp. Unfortunately there are no JCPenney's over here.

Her Shabbiness said...

I'll be very honest when I say that I would never think of JCP for home stuff, but after viewing the items you purchased I'm impressed. I loved everything you bought and feel like I need to run to my local JCP and check them out in person.
What fun to receive $500 to be able to spend it on great things just for a review! You are one lucky girl.

Rosie said...

I'm in love with the goblets and their ruffled edge. You certainly photographed them in such a charming way.

Thanks for sharing your favorites and giving us an honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

I love everything, especially that floor lamp. What a great opportunity! Maybe I need to start looking at those JC Penney emails that appear in my Bulk Mail folder!!!!!!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Cindy~
I followed the link from your My Romantic Home blog...I liked the things you chose and thought your reviews were well written and fair. You did a great job! :)

The hurricane lamp filled with shells and a candle is so pretty and I love the bird finial! Wow!

Enjoy your treasures! :)

The Nester said...

How do you make everything look so wonderful? Now I am dying of thirst and my mouth is parched thanks to your brilliant photography of those glasses with that thirst quenching elixer however you spell it in it.

Suzann said...

I can't believe my luck! I have been admiring some of the Linden items and hearing your reviews helped me to decide on many of them. I adore the cake plate and the finial and distressed bird. The lamp was also something that caught my eye. Thank you for reviewing & enjoy all those wonderful yummy items!!

Deborah said...

You are one lucky lady to be offered $500 to spend! I am taking your reviews to heart and will look into that Linden Street line.

Anonymous said...

ohh I bet that was fun! I love all of your choices. I thought that line did only linens, so I'm going to stop by their next time i get to the mall.

Neva said...

Great work.

marcie said...

Hi cindy,
Looks like you had a good time shopping, and you found some good things

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